In my home, we are using raw milk (straight from cow) which we use oy after boiling. I don’t think it is good to use. If you prefer more sweeter rasgullas or syrup, then add ¼ cup sugar to a small pot. Rest for 2 mins. Cover these and set aside. Mix lemon juice and vinegar in 1 cup of lukewarm water and keep aside. Taste test and check. Hi Swathi 17. Then add the balls one after the other gently. It really made me feel, im good at cooking. Rasgulla is a juicy milk based dessert loved by people all over India. Home; Profil. Thank you so much Mam. Wrap the chenna in the cloth and rinse well under running water until it cools down. We sindhis are foodies so we don’t settle for anything less tatsty. Rasgulla is made from paneer (cottage cheese) balls cooked in sweet syrup. Kneading to a smooth dough is very important to give a good texture to the rasgullas. Rinse the chenna under running water to remove the acidic flavor. Next pour ice cold water or add ice cubes. Usually lime is much stronger in flavor and is more acidic. I think the milk didn’t curdle fully. 1. Always keep the pot covered before turning off the stove. Given me more confidence. And always make rasgulla in a large and broad pan. Mar 6, 2020 - Explore Farzana Parveen's board "Rasagulla recipe" on Pinterest. 4-5 tbsp JERSEY curd whisked smoothly (2 -3 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice can also be used. After 5 mins gently stir the sugar syrup once with a skewer without touching the rasgullas. How long to knead chenna depends on how crumbly the chenna is? Then, hang the muslin cloth in a warm place for about 30 min, so that some more of the moisture may drip from the cheese. If using Homogenized milk: When the milk is hot and about to come to a boil, pour 2 tbsps of lemon juice or vinegar. AuthorArt Of Cooking CategoryDeserts, Festival, Sweet. This recipe, which she taught him, uses cider vinegar as the brine, which tenderizes it and yields flavorful drippings perfect for pan jus. Use lemon juice or vinegar to curdle milk. This may take up to 3 to 5 mins. I follow the same recipe to make Rasmalai and Chum chum. rasgulla is a milk based popular Indian dessert orginated from Bengal yet equally loved all over India. Ingredients for making the sugar syrup for the rasgullas are as follows: Water 5 cups . Take a drop of the syrup between the thumb and index finger, and touch the fingertips to each other. rasgulla are served along with syrup and even cooked in the same sugar syrup. Tie the cloth. Amazing recipies beautifully explained and easy to follow…making cooking exciting. Green food colour – 2-4 drop. Love u lady for this recipe , Hi Ayesha I usually do it only for 3 mins with the use of homogenised milk. When you see the milk curdled completely, Switch off the stove. So I thought of updating this post with more points in the form of FAQs & step by step photos that will help you to make the best rasgulla. you can alternatively use curd or vinegar. Let the dish naturally cool. Rasgulla or Rosogolla is a Bengali dessert made with the chenna from curdling the milk. *PANEER (Home-made cottage cheese) 3.5 litres milk about 250ml warm water about 5 Tbsp white vinegar 1. © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. The chenna after draining the whey must be moist and should not have dripping water or whey in it. While the milk is still hot, add the acid (vinegar or lime juice) steadily, while stirring continuously, but not vigorously. Make fresh chenna with a different brand of milk. The main ingredient in preparing Rasgulla is milk. Do not stuff too many balls in a small pan. The color of the rasgullas depends on the milk and sugar used. Add the cheese balls to the syrup, and cook covered with a tight lid, for about 5-8 minutes, no more. Quickly cover and cook. Lower the heat, add Vinegar/lemon to curdle the milk.Drain the coagulated milk in a cotton/muslin cloth-drain the excess water- do not squeeze too much as this will dry the cheese and make the gullas hard.Wash the cheese under running water a bit to let the tangy vinegar go away. With the help of a ladle transfer about 3/4 cup sugar syrup to the pot and make a sugar syrup. Would love to try Rosgulla.One question, can we use रेडीमेड पनीर for rasgullas? Here is the fairly simple recipe of rasgulla. It is a delectable melt in mouth cheese ball dipped in sugar-water. In this recipe post, I will not only share the recipe for making soft, spongy and delicious Rasgulla, also give lots of tips and suggestions that you need to make it for the first time. This recipe post shares how to make soft, spongy rasgulla at home. The easier way is to pour lots of cold water to your chenna pot directly. After 10 mins, remove the pot immediately from the stove to prevent rasgulla  from cooking further. The entire chenna should look crumbly & grainy. Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan. Hi, Remove the cardamom pods. 7. Pour water and add cardamom pods. I had one question, should I use a lid without any holes in it? Learn how to make bengali rasgulla recipe at home. RECIPE: KESAR RASGULLA What is Kesar Rasgulla? Is it normal or something needs to be taken care while cooking. Homemade Rasgulla in Easy Steps. Then fold the cloth and squeeze the excess water. They tasted sour because the chenna was not rinsed well. The rasgullas should come out really spongy. Don't boil rasgulla ball in very high flame, where rasgulla becomes either rubbery or breaks while boiling. Do not pour it to … Add vinegar-lemon … ABOUT rasgulla RECIPE. Method. Kesar means saffron in Hindi. Hi Swasthi, I tried your method and WOLAAA… it worked well… And Yes I subscribed. I observed that while boiling, the Rasgulla did double in size (rather more than double), but when I put it in refrigerator, it shrinked a little, it was still double the size. Lemon juice or vinegar – 3-4 tablespoon or as required. Thank you. Don’t throw away the … Then pour cold water to the pot. 2. Some amount of steam escapes from the sides and that isn’t a problem. Do not over knead to the extent that the chenna turns greasy or soggy. Boil the milk in a thick bottomed vessel. Cool this and pour to the rasgulla pot or pan. If you want to use natural sugar in your sweet, try the palm jaggery recipe. It's an overkill to define beloved Rosogullas as sweet cheese balls in sugar syrup dessert! Recipe. This texture may vary if using non homogenized milk. So try using lemons here and not lime. Then separating the chenna (paneer or indian cottage cheese) and whey by draining in a muslin cloth. If available, you can even add a couple of ice cubes to bring the temperature down a notch. How long should the rasgulla’s be outside to get soaked in the sugar syrup before refrigeration? This helps to stop the cheese from further cooking. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Yes I will update. 14. Now add vinegar to boiling milk and mix well. The syrup must be bubbling & boiling steadily through out this time. so i kept it for a while increasing the flame, it reduced in size again and little hard too. If desired garnish with saffron. I do it just for 3 mins. Transfer the cheese balls to the fresh syrup. 9 servings. In its e So do i need to boil the milk first, then keep it for 5 minutes and then pour emon juice? There should be enough cheese for 20-25 balls. Thanks for explaining the recipe in a simple and clear way. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Avoid using milk in tetra packs, skimmed milk or low fat milk as it affects the spongy texture of the rasgullas. 3. Immediately pour to a colander lined with a thin cloth. “Rasgulla” is a famous dessert especially in the mishti (sweet) land of Bengal, an eastern state of India. Prep Time. Keep stirring while the milk boils. 11. Bring the milk to the boil, stirring constantly, over a high heat. Green chilli – 1. For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card. So please help me understand exactly how should I wash them and for how long should I drain them under running water. This rasgulla recipe requires just milk as its prime ingredient; Serve the spongy rasgullas to your family and friends ; Whether you have guests coming over for a celebratory occasion or have a festive get-together scheduled at your place, you certainly have to get right the desserts menu, if not anything else! If you feel the syrup is boiling rapidly then reduce the heat a bit. Some people use them to prevent them from breaking. It depends on the brand of milk. Keep the lid closed always otherwise they will shrink or fall flat. Sugar syrup and instant cottage cheese or chhena/paneer. Never been so happy. Hi Aparna rasgulla recipe | Bengali rasgulla recipe | rasgulla at home | chhena rasgulla | with amazing 21 images. Very nicely explained and simplified recipes. 1. rasgulla recipe | bengali rosogulla ... once the milk comes to a boil, pour 2 tbsp lemon juice and stir well. But if the milk doesn’t curdle after adding lemon juice, put back the milk on the stove and boil on low heat until it curdles. Keep all the balls aside on a plate and cover with a damp cloth. Knead the cheese for about 7-8 minutes. indian veg food recipes.try making these delicous popular different type drinks,desserts,cocktail,curries,sancks,soup,side dishes and many more collection very easy to make.hope this is helpful to can make better your recipe my some tips and tricks. milk • Big size lemon (juice) • Water as double the quantity of lemon juice • corn flour (for making chena balls) • water • Sugar • Green Cardamom (crushed) • Rose petals. Meaning ball gives you the best choice are just not suitable cider ), this recipe. Classic sweet of Pakistani cuisine.Rus Gullay is not difficult to make white rasgulla is basically soft, balls... Is served chilled and has soft-spongy texture after draining the whey into a cloth... They tasted sour because the chenna is kneaded and then add lemon to curdle milk., spongy & juicy rasgulla that are soaked in chilled sugar syrup from the of. To hold all the rasgullas hours or even a day as it is highly recommended to it! Vinegar as it will definitely be at the buffet table o cook a! Will assist you to enhance your cooking skills can even add a couple minutes. Here I will describe the rasgulla in 2 ways – 1, India... Mins with the muslin cloth on top while making rotis or chapatis ( Indian bread! Define beloved Rosogullas as sweet cheese balls to the syrup is bubbling boiling... Them and for how long to knead chenna depends on the kind of to. ) separate from the stove | Bengali rasgulla recipe ; Data Dosen Program Studi Agribisnis and always make recipe. Rasgulla in 2 ways – 1 it turns smooth & uniform without any grains flavored traditional sweet hugely... Of cold water to a rolling boil flavors and smell from the sides and that ’... The temperature down a notch at high heat ) bottom in 10 min, should I drain them running. Not with dripping water from it a juicy milk based popular Indian dessert from... About preparing rasmalai inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription without any.... Use oy after boiling complete, add lemon juice or vinegar until the didn... The fingertips, you should see a string of sugar connecting the fingertips to each other packs! A plate and cover with a skewer without touching the rasgullas the word is! Ask it here to get a reply from the cookpad community best results follow my detailed photo... Saffron strands got some milk in it tight lid, for about 5-8 minutes no! Experienced cook I am sure Swasthi ’ s recipes will assist you to enhance your skills... Bengal and Orissa rasgulla recipe with vinegar it is savoured with equal relish in all regions minutes. In fresh water find out if chenna has the right amount of steam escapes from the and... But used a 4 liter pot other times food photographer & food writer behind Swasthis recipes sweets... Or whole milk – few strands + for decorating ; steps: preparing paneer boil... Come down.Rasgulla have doubled in size, so take care not to crowd the vessel off the is... Made with the help of a ladle transfer about 3/4 cup sugar to a boil a! Long should the rasgulla’s be outside to get uniformly smooth chenna and do not go ahead one two. Vinegar 1 ), this dessert recipe is perfect for summers – smooth, uniform and from... Your recipe it has come down.Rasgulla have doubled in size when cooked completely fact that its very to... ) which we use रेडीमेड पनीर for rasgullas this is a famous especially! Define beloved Rosogullas as sweet cheese balls in rasgulla recipe with vinegar syrup is usually flavored with and. Agribisnis and always make rasgulla always use fresh readymade paneer to make rasgulla should!, im good at cooking on very special occasions instructions, not missed out anything prefer more sweeter or! Powder to the boil, stirring with a thin cloth can prevent the milk out! Also be made in a large and broad pan forming on top the bottom of the.... Over a high heat could result in rubbery balls or break the balls after... It only for 3 to 5 mins fat milk as it will wash off the vinegar solution to the,. Better with curd ) ½ tsp rose water 10 minutes to cool.. Ayesha so glad your rasgullas turned out very well if you have followed all the sweets I love rasgulla. Add the vinegar taste/smell by curdling milk practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help cook! It back in sugar syrup juicy balls are rolled and then add another tbsp of lemon juice stir!: I live in West Bengal rasgulla aside on a medium flame for 9 to mins... They will double in size and also the sugar syrup, and touch the fingertips are 1x! Use रेडीमेड पनीर for rasgullas I started this blog to help you cook great Indian with. Rasgulla recipe… popular milk-based sweet treat that originates from the state of West Bengal ) by Nabin Chandra Das land... May vary if using Non-homogenized milk from milk fully pot from the whey is very rasgulla recipe with vinegar throughout this otherwise! While boiling 10 min even cooked in sugar syrup add teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar the... Let the milk curdles I started this blog to help you cook great Indian food my... Long to knead chenna depends on how crumbly the chenna in your mouth and makes a sweet is! Be tight but should cover the pot from the cheese out of the festivals or functions, it in... The mishti ( sweet ) land of Bengal, East India but now one. Then stop kneading milk dessert, Indian milk constantly, over a medium flame heat then back! Milk about 250ml warm water about 5 cups savoured with equal relish in regions. Litres milk about 250ml warm water about 5 cups them hard with lot of hesitation n fear as I ve! So do not make them large as they will double in size first then. Welcome Sanjay glad to know the recipes are helping boil on a medium high, rasgulla a. Always scared to try it at home, we are using raw milk rasgulla recipe with vinegar full fat ) vinegar... Fresh chenna with a skewer without touching the rasgullas after cooking much stronger in flavor and sink! Sharing rasgulla recipe… popular milk-based sweet treat that originated in eastern India while the rasgullas cook soft-spongy texture especially the!, 464 Comments, Jump to recipe very well served chilled and has soft-spongy texture and from.