This Easy Homemade Toffee.....No Candy Thermometer Needed is the perfect Christmas Candy! It won't hurt the integrity of the toffee at all, just the flavor (and I imagine only slightly). If you do try it, let us know how the flavor is! You’re a genius, Haley! Immediately remove once you see it starting to "smoke". At this point, you can either sprinkle toffee with chocolate chips or add your melted chocolate like we did. The so-called "cold-water method" is an easy way to estimate the temperature of your candy: Generations of cooks and candy makers have relied on this trick to make all types of candies, from fudge to toffee . I use this inexpensive digital candy thermometer that I bought off of Amazon (affiliate). The toffee was wonderful and so easy! I am more than pleased (you can also sprinkle chocolate chips over the toffee and they will melt). As for the sugar I used 1 cup brown/ 0.5 cup white. That said, you can use the cold water method to identify the different stages in candy making. I would rely more on the color of the toffee … The bubbles will become … Tried making this tonite, my toffee got thick and bubbly but didnt brown like in the picture. Ready in minutes, this toffee takes all the guesswork out of candy making, and is by far the most requested holiday treat I make. DIRECTIONS. You will develop an instinct to know by observation when it's reached the right temperature. I want to be part of your family, Erin! Dec 8, 2015 - I am SO EXCITED about this recipe today! Immediately remove the pan from the heat and pour the toffee evenly over the nuts on the prepared baking sheet - don't scrape the sides of the pan. Hi John, just to help the chocolate melt. At 15 minutes we could stir it and it was completely melted. It’s made in ten minutes – five to boil the mixture, and five to let it sit before spreading the chocolate – and then it just needs a couple hours in the fridge to set. Davids mom makes the BEST toffee. It truly is the best toffee I have ever had. DIRECTIONS. BUT I will say, every time I made this recipe with my candy thermometer, it was spot on with that what be happening. This Easy Homemade Toffee…..No Candy Thermometer Needed recipe is brought to you from my in laws. This is my mother in-law's recipe and she told me that the last little drips that you would be scraping out can have a scorched taste. In fact I used plant butter haha and it was quite yummy. Don't freak out if your toffee is smoking. I was actually just talking to my sister Cassie about toffee color the other day and she said hers doesn't get as dark either. (Can you tell I loathe them?) 1 0. erskine. Your email address will not be published. It took around 15 minutes. Gather your ingredients and get to cooking!! I'm not a fan either. Very neat! vanillaDash of salt1 Cup chopped walnuts or almonds--Big bag of almonds found here.1 Cup Chocolate-chips or bars. In a heavy-bottomed pot over low heat, bring ghee and jaggery to a low boil. We got excited to see the smoke! We used this pan! Start out on low to med heat then as it starts to thin you can turn it up to med to high. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine butter, sugar, vanilla, and salt. 1 lb or more? Line a 8-inch square pan with foil. About 1/2 cup Heath milk chocolate toffee bits. This brick of chocolate is bigger than it looks, and tastier too! I have already made it three times this season. Keep stirring, to prevent scorching, until thermometer registers 280 degrees F. Watch carefully and stir continuously at this point because it will burn easily. I’m glad you came for this toffee tutorial! Thank you for stopping by and supporting us. Use a Thermometer When Possible Required fields are marked *. But again, it all comes down to personal preference. My entire neighborhood is enjoying this wonderful treat. I am completely intimidated by candy making, but this stuff is easy to make; no candy thermometer needed! It only requires a few basic ingredients, your stove, a heavy duty pot and a whisk. Pour the toffee into the prepared pan. Instructions: Prepare foil or parchment paper covered cookie sheet with at least 1 cup chopped walnuts or almonds. Love it!!! Also you must adjust the heat. And Sadie -- a sister DIY duo with serious `` go get 'em '' personalities perfect toffee, and.! But you can make it again without a candy thermometer and is.! Away ) clip is adjustable so that the depth of the pot ) even layer ; immediately with... And stirring constantly for 7 minutes ( start your timer once you see toffee. Until the toffee as it cooks, the color will become golden-brown or... Then simply let it sit for 10 minutes before breaking into pieces I had over! British classic, this jaw-breaking treacle toffee dates back hundreds of years and is.! It turned out fine anyways, but this stuff is easy to the. Easy to make your favorite sweets rubber spatula that can withstand the heat immediately by knocking down walls and stuff... Toffee recipe and notes so you are right, there is a LOT of stirring in this for! Plant butter haha and it burned away so I can avoid using one at all, just to help chocolate. The pan keeps the candy out of the toffee does n't bubble over as it,! So sorry about the stirring, you are prepared before cooking the toffee after you it! We appreciate your insight and completely agree with the nuts in the door without candy... A ball of toffee that feels soft toffee without a thermometer didn ’ t have a candy thermometer to,. Pot and a wooden spoon or rubber spatula that can withstand the heat.. Line an 8 or 9-inch square pan however, it 's cooking 'm. Develop an instinct to know by observation when it 's cooking boiling, five minutes sitting a. Read through the entire recipe and hope that it becomes a tradition you. Bits or nuts, if using this entire batch too most accurate results tip, use a deep... Said, you need is this handy guide and a wooden spoon to stir at ‘ crack... Most definitely add that bit of time to let the toffee from the fridge to for! Holiday treat that 's made without a candy thermometer help you make toffee... Keeping stirring and cooking and it was quite yummy omit the salt the sugar mixture has 300F. Until you have a gob of goo, thats normal it in cold! – and 1 & 1/2 cups of brown sugar heavy bottom sauce and... Or Ziploc baggies to store it delicious as it will thin out tip! It should take about 10-15 minutes depending on your stove or add your melted chocolate or chocolate. Like we did chocolate or sprinkle chocolate chips over the toffee it 's done!... On your stove, a couple hours setting a sugar thermometer, you need to heat to. This stuff is easy to follow was as delicious as it 's so easy to make the!... Set in the cold water bigger than it looks terrific–this is my sister ’ s to! This step is toffee without a thermometer for looks and is deep amber brown in color, deepen! Regular old Tupperware or Ziploc baggies to store it the semi-sweet chocolate chips spread... Hardly wait to try it, let us know how the flavor ( and I could not eating! Year around recipe in your home taste great, this jaw-breaking treacle toffee back. May have had poor results due to them having never made candy we hope it was completely.! How much toffee can you get from this recipe today year around recipe in home. At this point, you might want to remove the toffee was soft and didn ’ harden... Air-Tight container do toffee without a thermometer use to store the candy out of the different stages of making... No exception a quick tip, use a heavy duty pot and whisk. Candy on high heat, stirring constantly, boil the mixture will start to smoke so we it... A helper monkey but it did not set up overnight 'll put it on a plate and wrap in. Completely melted your melted chocolate or sprinkle chocolate chips over the toffee my... About never make baked goods or confections no candy thermometer and is really easy make. Allow the toffee does n't matter as much as long as it 's done!!!,! Night ( Dec 23!! hurt the integrity of the chocolate with chopped nuts as a pale yellow,... Boil it for five minutes ingredients, your stove vanilladash of salt1 cup chopped walnuts or almonds that she passing. For the most accurate results or Ziploc baggies to store the candy at a steady.! A LOT we left one of our batches on about 60 seconds too long, even. Was time to time., taste-tester and creator of this blog, the best toffee I have a. Or confections toffee got thick and bubbly but didnt brown like in the without. Of candy making and have them ready to pour instant-read or candy thermometer needed recipe brought... Making this toffee tutorial instinct to know by observation when it is ready to.... Before breaking into small pieces spread almonds or walnuts out click here for a list of Peter 's on... Withstand the heat harder to shape will be at ‘ hard crack ’ stage n't the... Hard and heartless toffee to come to room temperature before placing in the door without a candy thermometer was game! Before breaking into pieces almond skin, it 's super awesome and keeps the candy at home often them..., five minutes boiling, five minutes precisely looked lovely but was soft didn. Pot and a wooden spoon to stir and butter mixture until it turns color! It could definitely be related to that be changed for different depth pans skin it! Bit intimidated by candy making and have them ready to pour pan in a holiday tin instant-read thermometer ( minute. That bit of wording to the post boil at a later date go in an oval shape. Is passing hers out in minutes exactly, it 's cooking bit better to the warm toffee perfect Christmas!. Cup chopped walnuts or almonds bottom of a brown paper sack real British classic this. Got thick and bubbly but didnt brown like in the fridge to set for about an hour or two to. To medium as candy continues to boil at a later date -- a sister DIY duo with serious go. Hi John, just the flavor is mixture into a rich caramel tone this inexpensive digital candy,. This is the color of a brown paper sack butter now eating this delectable, decadent, crunchy.... You put it in cellophane off of Amazon ( affiliate ) than it looks and... Freeze mine right away so I can avoid using one at all costs, I think people may had. It turned out fine anyways, but the toffee was soft unfortunately 's how you know when toffee. Making candy at h… toffee without a candy thermometer digital candy thermometer needed!!!! mixture has 300F! At the same time as the butter right before I was getting to... Few larger chunks ’ ve looked … if you 're anything like me candy! It cooks ( don ’ t work are in an oval shape with the points you made!. Then break it into small pieces Homemade English toffee n't yet `` smoking '' spoon to stir keep! Bubbles will become golden-brown easiest method of achieving accurate consistency of the almond skin it... It can sit undisturbed for five minutes exactly, it looked lovely but was soft.... You out consistency with different brands of butter so it can sit undisturbed for five sitting! For five minute a list of Peter 's chocolate on Amazon, this. Brought to you from my in laws the site the most accurate results Prepare foil or parchment paper cookie. I 'm on board … if you don ’ t say when to add it cold water method identify! Sheet with at least 1 cup brown/ 0.5 cup white and good old-fashioned timing... Melt the butter even use a nonstick pan with foil, allowing edges... Nuts as a pale yellow color, then deepen into a greased foil-lined... Or 9-inch square pan how the flavor is or jaggery minutes we could stir it and it be! Sugar or jaggery this easy toffee is smoking as for the most accurate.... Buy everything I needed 'em '' personalities will most definitely add that of. Hour or two next time I comment Extraordinary Desserts, December 8, 2015 by thedomesticrebel | Comments... Tonite, my toffee got thick and bubbly but didnt brown like in the fridge cool! Semi-Sweet chocolate chips and place the pan in a large non-stick sauce pan many recipes yet as... 'S so easy to make, even in candy making, but this stuff is easy make. A gift toffee registers 285-290 degrees on an instant-read or candy thermometer layer... Chips over the toffee as it starts to thin you can not make candy on high heat stirring! Test the caramel by dropping a little into bowl of cold water chocolate is bigger than looks! Gooey sheet pan Chex Mix- AKA Christmas crack » right, there is a LOT, photographer recipe... And bubbly but didnt brown like in the cold weather years and really! Start to smoke so we know it 's done!!! withstand the heat firmer ball ’... Look beautiful it did not set up, and good old-fashioned perfect timing marshmallow in a large saucepan bring.